Here I compile the videos and the documentation that I have prepared for talks and courses, and that I have made public.

Unless otherwise indicated, all this documentation is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Spain license.

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How to tackle a multilingual project successfully

Creating multilanguage sites with WordPress

I need a local development environment, but which one do I choose?

Advanced Git

PHP in 2020

Git from scratch. Learn Git at once

Advanced Git

Challenges of a multilingual WordPress website

Can I do all that with GIT?

Have a contingency plan in case a zombie apocalypse destroys your WordPress

Automating your e-commerce: WooCommerce from the CLI

Advanced Git

PHP in 2019

Put a task runner in your life to automate your workflow

Put a task runner in your life to automate your workflow

Local development environments for PHP

Laravel, WordPress and the REST API: using WordPress as a content manager in Laravel applications

Learn how to manage your WordPress from the command line in 10 minutes

How to manage many WordPress sites

Introduction to Collective Trademarks

Manage many WordPress sites

How to manage many WordPress sites

Local Development Environments for PHP

Collective trademark

Collective brand «Berberecho de Noia». Artisan fishing. Galician estuaries. Traceability

Migration from SVN to Git

Git for day-to-day life

Git Introduction Course

2014/10/09. Taller. Taller de introducción a Git.

2014/10/09. Presentación. Creando tu nube privada con ownCloud.

2014/09/20. Presentación. ownCloud, la nube libre.

2014/05/30. Creando un tema para WordPress desde cero.

2014/05/23. Temas hijo en WordPress. 

2014/05/17. Taller. Git en servidores privados.

2014/03/29. Taller. Git avanzado.

2014/03/08. Presentación. Temas hijos en WordPress.

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