Translation and localization resources

In this post, I collect some interesting resources to translate and localize software.

Localization software

CrowdinNoYesYesNoYesIntegrations, CDN, public projects
GlotPressYesGitHubNoYesNoNoPHP, MySQLUsed at and at
matecatYesGitHubYesYesNoNoPHP, MySQLThey have the Translated service provider
Mozilla PontoonYesGitHubNoYesNoNoPython, PostgreSQLUsed by Mozilla. See an example.
Localization best practices for developers. Tour.
PootleYesGitHubNoYesNoNoPython, MySQL or PostgreSQLUnsupported?
TexterifyYesGitHubYesYesNoYesRoR, PostgreSQL
translate5YesGitHubYesYesYesNoPHP, MySQL
TolgeeYesGitHubYesYesNoYesJava, Kotlin, PostgreSQL
TranslationsPressNoNoYesYesNoNoRuns the WP-translations service. It uses GlotPress.
WeblateYesGitHubYesYesNoYesPython, PostgreSQL

Language services provider

Translation plugins for web browsers

Translation plugins for editors

More info

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