Translating WordPress faster

As Galician GTE, I translate a lot of strings from English to Galician: WordPress core, infrastructure, plugins, themes, … As a bilingual speaker (Galician and Spanish languages), I realized I can translate faster if I use the Spanish translations as starting point, so I develop a CLI tool to translate all WordPress stuff from Spanish to Galician, using the open-source translations created by the Spanish community (thank you, folks). A few months later, I converted this CLI tool in a website, so you can use it without any installation. And, of course, I have released it as open source (AGPL).

How to get the number of words in a PO translation file

If you need to count the number of words in a .PO translation file, you can use the pocount command. This command is part of the translate-toolkit package.

First, you have to install it in your Linux machine with the command:

 sudo apt install translate-toolkit -y

Then you have to execute this command with the .po file as first argument:

pocount myfile.po

Processing file :  myfile.po
 Type               Strings      Words (source)    Words (translation)
 Translated:       0 (  0%)          0 (  0%)               0
 Fuzzy:            0 (  0%)          0 (  0%)             n/a
 Untranslated:   491 (100%)       2615 (100%)             n/a
 Total:          491              2615                      0
 Empty:          491 (100%)       2615 (100%)               0