How to sign a Git commit

I think it is a good practice to sign your Git commits. In this post, the author explains why and how to sign your Git commits. An interesting reading.

Documenting GlotPress with phpDocumentor

The current GlotPress API documentation (October 2021) was generated by ApiGen. Last commit was made on April 4th, 2016. The last ApiGen commit was made on 23 Apr 2018, so I think this tool is deprecated. Furthermore, I was not able to use it with PHP 7.4 and GlotPress, so I look for another tool. The… Continue reading Documenting GlotPress with phpDocumentor

Install Composer 2 in a machine with Composer 1

In October 2020, Composer 2 was released. In some servers, I have some projects that need Composer 1 and others that need Composer 2. I will go to explain how to have both versions on the same server.