Show the PHP packages installed in Debian

To show the PHP packages installed in a Debian machine, you can use the next command:

$ sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep php

php-common install
php7.0 install
php7.0-cli install
php7.0-common install
php7.0-curl install
php7.0-fpm install
php7.0-gd install
php7.0-geoip install
php7.0-intl install
php7.0-json install
php7.0-mbstring install
php7.0-mcrypt install
php7.0-mysql install
php7.0-opcache install
php7.0-readline install
php7.0-sqlite3 install
php7.0-xml install
php7.0-zip install
php7.3 install
php7.3-cli install
php7.3-common install
php7.3-curl install
php7.3-fpm install
php7.3-json install
php7.3-mbstring install
php7.3-mysql install
php7.3-opcache install
php7.3-readline install
php7.3-xml install
php7.3-zip install

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