“No input file specified” using Homestead

If you see the message “No input file specified” in the browser (using Homestead as development VM machine), one possible problem is that Homestead doesn’t load the parameters from the config file Homestead.yaml Try to provision the VM another time, running $ vagrant reload –provision

Laravel Cheat Sheet

Two good Laravel Cheat Sheets http://cheats.jesse-obrien.ca/# https://aufree.github.io/laravel5-cheatsheet/# (source code https://github.com/Aufree/laravel5-cheatsheet)

Class not found en Laravel

Si en Laravel, al tratar de resetear y volver a ejecutar todas las migraciones con el comando $ php artisan migrate:refresh os devuelve el siguiente error (puede ser con otra tabla) [Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError] Fatal error: Class ‘UsersTable’ not found se resuelve ejecutando