Los patrones de uso del móvil nos identifican mejor que nuestras huellas digitales

O eso es lo que indica un estudio publicado en la revista Nature. Este hecho tiene grandes implicaciones en la privacidad, ya que el uso de dispositivos móviles hace que sea imposible permanecer en el anonimato, incluso sin el uso de software de seguimiento.

Data from just four, randomly chosen “spatio-temporal points” (for example, mobile device pings to carrier antennas) was enough to uniquely identify 95% of the individuals, based on their pattern of movement. Even with just two randomly chosen points, the researchers say they could uniquely characterize around half of the 1.5 million mobile phone users.

Each time a user interacted with their mobile phone operator network by initiating or receiving a call or a text message, the location of the connecting antenna was recorded, providing both a spatial and temporal data point.

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